Lost (And Found) in Space



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and ready for you to order the book. LOST (AND FOUND) IN SPACE- a Pictorial Memoir by Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy features never before seen images from the TV archives. These beautiful photographs have been hand selected by Angela and Bill and assembled into this collectible high quality volume. Each page includes personal stories and memories that will bring many of us back to that special day of September 15, 1965 when this iconic television series first aired.

The series was  created and produced by Irwin Allen and  filmed by 20th Century Fox during what our publisher, TV Classics Press, considers the best time in television history. Lost in Space was a pioneering series that set the tone for shows that followed. The show ran for three seasons, with 83 episodes airing between September 15, 1965, and March 6, 1968.

Bill and Angela have lovingly and sometimes painstakingly gone through thousands of images to bring you the best and the coolest. They have also brought you into their world of what it was like to play Will and Penny Robinson both on and off the set.

Warning! Warning! This book will bring bring you lots of happy memories.

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Here is a Sneak Peek at some of the photographs you will find in the book:


Here is our Favorite Space Brother and Sister as they Were and As they are Today!

penny and will

Penny and Will Robinson

profile pic

Angela Cartwright and Bill Mumy

Bill and Angela
We now have this book in paperback!

Will expression

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