What the fans are Saying about Lost (and Found) in Space

bonus bits“I have mine I have mine I have mine I have mine I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I have not put it down I carry the totebag everywhere thank you so much Angela and Bill.”

“We got our second one today with the bonus bits……, best lost in space book ever!!!!!”

“Your book is GREAT! All Lost In Space Fans should have a copy. So entertaining and fun. Only question is when can I preorder part 2.”

“It’s wonderful. Absolutely love it!”

“Well written! I want a volume two!!!”


“The book transports you right on to the set of Lost In Space. Felt like I was actually there with the cast and crew. And great photos too. A must read for all us Lost In Space fans. I’m going through the book for a third time and still finding things new and interesting.”

“It’s good that you wrote this book, real good.”

“Gifted myself with the book. Got it at Chiller. Thanks for the goodies and tote bag extras.”

“It is an excellent READ!!! Very well done!!”


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