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We had no idea how excited everyone would be about the Fiftieth Anniversary of Lost in Space and the upcoming book: “Lost (and Found) in Space.” So we are gathering some of the articles, blogs and videos all in one place for you to enjoy with us. When you have done something in your past you don’t always know how much it has had an impact on the fans from around the world. We are so happy to see the outpouring of support, excitement and love from the fans. We know that we have created an amazing book that you will enjoy and treasure for years.

Parade Magazine wrote a great article on “Lost in Space Cast: Where are they Now” on September 18.


Lost In Space Cast: Where Are They Now? 


Boing Boing, the site for wonderful things did an article on the Blu Ray.


Danger, Will Robinson! Cast Members Recall ‘Lost in Space’ on its 50th Anniversary

“Irwin was quite a visionary,” said Angela Cartwright, who played teenage space explorer Penny Robinson on “Lost in Space,” and later starred in the 1979 disaster sequel “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure,” which Allen directed. “He knew how to bring excitement every week into peoples’ homes, while also giving them something to think about.”

“I wish Irwin had personally directed more than just the pilot,” said Bill Mumy, whose role on the series inspired the iconic catchphrase “Danger, Will Robinson!”

“He was incredibly ambitious, and laid down an amazing template for the series in that pilot,” Mumy said. “Plus, he dressed in very bright colors and had the first comb-over I’d ever seen!”

Five decades later, Allen’s on-set behavior still amuses the cast.

“We’d lurch back and forth in that spaceship to the sound of Irwin slamming a hammer against an aluminum pail,” Cartwright said. “He’d yell ‘Left! Right! Left!’ And he’d bang on his pail while we stumbled from side to side. It was just so ridiculous!”

“He used a megaphone when he was directing, and I’d think to myself, dude, I’m five feet away from you!” Mumy said. “He was an old time Barnum and Bailey kind of guy, a real showman.”



VIDEO: Lost in Space Turns 50 – See the Cast Reunite Years After the Sci-Fi Classic



Warning! Warning! 50th anniversary ‘Lost in Space’ Blu-ray and book approaching!

“For Mumy, Will Robinson was “exactly who I wanted to be when the energy of trying to get inside the TV set struck me at the age of 4,” he said. “It was watching Guy Williams as ‘Zorro’ or watching George Reeves as ‘Superman’ — those two caped superhero guys are who made me just drive my parents crazy. I wanted to be in the TV. Will Robinson was really the fulfillment of that desire.”

Cartwright said the idea of space travel captured viewers’ imagination, and visually the show was “amazing” for its time.” READ MORE



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